Crossflow provides the highest level of expertise and service to our customers. Our devotion to the teams we support is rooted in our commitment to the defense of our nation.

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We achieve high levels of customer and employee satisfaction by engaging a team of talented professionals with meaningful work. We do everything in our power to take care of our people.

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Digital Engineering

Crossflow is well versed in many areas of digital engineering from business application deployment to high-performance tactical applications. Our digital engineering teams research, document, design, implement, test, and debug code with the final goal of creating software that satisfies our customer’s mission. Utilizing informed decision making and enhanced communication, Crossflow provides effective and efficient means for exceptional collaboration and information exchange in relation to digital design models. Crossflow’s digital engineers support both our M&S and hardware teams in order to deliver our customers a complete product.

Systems Engineering

Aided by our expertise in Digital Mission Engineering, we construct and analyze capabilities that encompass the full product life cycle through increased understanding of and confidence in the system designs and efficient engineering processes. From conducting preliminary system level trades aimed at identifying technology drivers, development of hardware specifications, and defining performance requirements, to creating and employing advanced modeling and simulation applications, we provide our customers with effective tools that are accurate, complete, trusted, reusable, and easily integrated across various systems.

Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis

Crossflow delivers expertise in modeling and performance assessment for aerospace systems, including missiles and hypersonic vehicles. Our digital-engineering-based approach utilizes authoritative sources of system data and models as a continuum across disciplines (including CAD-based design, aerodynamics, propulsion, guidance, thermal, and kinematics) to support system lifecycle activities from concept through operations and maintenance. Architecture-level simulation environments also utilize element-level models for the purposes of scenario evaluation and architecture trades and performance analyses. In support of our customers, and in keeping with the DoD digital engineering philosophy, Crossflow’s M&S and Analysis efforts aim to improve awareness, supply insights, and enable decision-making.


Crossflow's Cybersecurity team is devoted to providing exceptional support for a wide range of Department of Defense customers, as well as sustaining a culture of collaboration and education to further the goals of the company AND the employee. Our team provides expertise in all areas of the Risk Management Framework, from technical support with scans, STIGs, and manual review of controls and compliance to software assurance practices to further secure the products and programs that our Warfighters rely on every day.